Hi, I'm Jamie Houston, owner of Honk Marketing, and a Certified* Back End Profit Specialist.

Are you laughing? That's OK, most people do, but hey, it means I get remembered right?! But seriously, what does a Back End Profit Specialist do, you might ask?  

Well, using Honk Marketing's proven systems I help businesses find easy opportunities to dramatically increase their profits to their existing and past clients and customers, as well as implementing marketing systems to help turn prospects into paying customers.

Ask yourself a few questions to see if Honk Marketing can help you and your business...

1. What do you do with your prospects once you have their contact details?

2. How do you follow up with them and identify which ones are ready, willing and able to buy from you right now (your hottest prospects) as opposed to treating everyone on your database the same.

3. How do you look after your existing and past clients and customers that have already proven they are happy to do business with you? Do you drip-feed interesting and relevant tips to them on a regular and consistent basis until they are ready to buy from you again?

Unfortunately, most of you will answer resoundingly in the negative to most if not all of these questions.

Too many businesses and sales teams do not have any systems in place to take care of what is probably the most important part of any business - the 'Back End'.

Stop wasting your time trying to sell to people that aren't ready to buy your product or service. Stop treating every prospect as if they are a prime candidate for your product or service. Honk Marketing can help you to identify simple strategies that you can use to increase your profit and turn normal customers and clients into delighted raving fans in a few short weeks.

And the strategies we use work for many different types businesses in countless different industries. They will work for you too.

We call this Business Intelligence - intelligence on YOUR business. Wouldn't you like to be able to get your hands on this extremely valuable information that will show you where to invest your money to achieve exponential growth and maximize your return on investment? Yes? Does your current marketing allow you to track your return on investment? No?

Can Honk Marketing help you with all this?

YES we can!

When you are ready to stop flushing your marketing dollars down the toilet and its time to stand out from the crowd, make sure you HONK!

If your business needs help with its marketing strategy, call us now and tell us what the most pressing problem you have in your business right now is, or contact us using this form to ask any questions you may have.

Phone 0220 475 253 and ask for Jamie.